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We will provide you
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employees for your business

We will provide for you skilled workers to meet your labour needs – JUST IN TIME!

Temporary Placement

Temporary assignment of employees, long-term and short-term agency employment.

Outsourcing of Production

Allocation of a part of production under our management. Complete staffing and procedural coverage of the entire production area.

Try and Hire

So-called a worker on trial who is an employee of the agency. You have the chance get to know closely a potential employee and determine whether he/she meets the required criteria. Then, it’s up to you whether you will conclude an employment contract with him/her.

Pernament Placement

We offer classic recruitment services.We look for suitable job applicants who meet predetermined criteria for placement in a skeleton staff.

Quality Control, Sorting, Reworking

Outsourcing solutions in quality control, sorting and repair parts, components and products are designed primarily for companies that focus on the automotive, electronics and fast-moving goods. The advantage of this service is that you use it when you need it. Thus, you will eliminate the fixed personnel costs as well as costs associated with complaints from end customers. We will provide employees who classify products produced mainly flow production and reveal defects. Defective products are then adjusted to the desired state, so there were the fewest losses caused by machine production.

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